I read an interesting review on a blog about employee engagement and five ways to influence it. I liked the fact that the author re-visited the meaning of the term employee engagement, as this helps us to comprehend other questions or challenges that arise in this field. Here is a summary of what I have learned from this blog post.

In order to accomplish the organizational objectives, it is essential that employees feel engaged in the organization; however, it is often a challenge. The author gives us five meanings of employee engagement which she has received from other HR and business colleagues.

–          When an employee feels valued for what she/he does

–          When a Supervisor shows that she/he is committed to the development of the employee

–          When an employee is appreciated for excellent work done for something that is not a part of her/her job

–          According to Lisa Rosendhal it meant, “people choosing to come to work and give it their best.”

–          According to Paul Hebert views it was, “the PROACTIVE application of the knowledge, skills, and abilities,” of the employees.”

Another blogger also commented on the importance of making employees feel that they are an integral part of the organization’s mission. This feeling would increase the importance of their work; spark passion for their job and thereby increase employee engagement. In addition to this, one of the comments also highlighted the relevance of ‘employee recognition programs’ that encourage employee engagement.

The five ways in which employee engagement can be encouraged are as follows:

–          An environment where innovation is encouraged

–          Challenging or stretch assignments are given to the employees

–          People are recognized for their work daily

–          Making employees feel connected to the mission of the organization

–          Being honest and interacting with integrity in the organization.

The author also tells us that employee engagement should not be reduced to an annual survey, but should be an ongoing cycle in the organization.




Blog Post: http://hrringleader.com/2010/10/28/5-ways-to-influence-a-culture-of-engagement/

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