HR Cred = HR with an Attitude

My HR Daily Advisor Tip for today was all about ‘HR Cred’. To begin with the six core competency domains’ for HR managers were highlighted as identified by the University of Michigan Business School. Being a visual person, I made an image of the domains which can be seen below.

From all the above ‘Credible Activist’ is said to be the most important of all for HR Managers. So let us see the meaning of the above term in the form of a mathematical equation:

Credible (respected, admired and listened to) + Activist (offers a point of view, takes a position and challenges assumptions) = Credible Activist = HR with an Attitude

+ Credibility – Activist = No activist results in HR managers only being admired, but having little impact

Credibility + Activist = No credibility results in great ideas being ignored and not listened to

Some ways in which HR managers can lose their credibility included; answering questions without facts, showing a lack of business acumen, failing to start any big picture HR projects, sharing confidential information, failure to train etc.